Certified Pure CBD Vape Oil Additives

Higher Potency CBD Vape Oil Additives

CBD Guru’s offers Vape Oil Additives to enable vapers to increase the scale of potency to their vaping routine for their individual health requirements. Just drip the additives into any E-Liquid for the additional potency and enjoy the benefits.

CBD Guru’s understands that there cannot be one size fits all regarding e-liquids. With that in mind we have created a line of flavorless e-liquid additives to vary the potency and taste for any individual’s needs. CBD Guru’s additives allow for the individual consumer to customize their vaping experience to be flavorless and at a potency to fit their needs. Just drip a CBD e-liquid additive into your vaping device to supplement your established routine or on its own for a flavorless vaping experience.

We have a number of e-liquid additive options that range in concentration from 75mg to 4000mg. All designed to give the individual consumers the best choices available on the market.