People are starting to rediscover the age-old benefits of cannabidiol derived from the hemp plant with our potent CBD capsules. Here at The CBD Gurus we are offering an array of naturally sourced products to fit a variety of lifestyles and needs. Our capsules offer an extensive number of convenient options. Designed to be readily available in pre-measured doses and bottled in amounts that are cost effective.

Our capsules are available in multiple quantities and potencies to suit your budget and needs.

Longer Lasting Effects

CBD capsules last longer since they are more time released. Capsules have a coating to help protect the CBD powder from stomach acid. On average it takes about 30 minutes for capsules to dissolve. Since it takes the body more time to digest them, they have a higher bioavailability. Meaning that they have a higher but slower utilization by the body.

Natural sleep promotion

We all experience sleep issues from time to time. Finding the right treatment for your sleep disorder is not easy however many people are choosing to opt for the natural remedy of CBD capsules to avoid the pitfalls of potentially addictive sleeping pills. So, if you suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, PTSD or are just a light sleeper our capsules can offer you a natural solution.

Anxiety Reduction

CBD capsules have been found to reduce anxiety, stress and feelings of depression. They also can be taken as a natural way to relax after a difficult day.

Relieve Pain

CBD capsules seem to be the best form at helping to effectively manage pain. Many people looking for a natural solution are turning to cannabidiol capsules to alleviate their pain. They have no side effects or addictive qualities like traditional pain medications.

Dosage Consistency

Our website only sells quality products. Our customers can buy with confidence that not only our CBD capsules, but all our products are quality controlled for accuracy. To ensure customer confidence all our products are tested by an outside independent lab for CBD product concentration and quality.

Discrete and Convenient

Most of us live life on the go constantly. Going to work, pick up the kids, trying to get to the gym or just meeting up with friends. CBD capsules combine the ease of storage with ease of use. They are conveniently designed for a busy lifestyle.